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Samaritan movement of Mary

The movement was founded in 1980 by P. Andrzej Michalek (originating from Poland).

The Samaritan movement of Mary consists of three branches:

Our movement sees itself as a work of Mary.
Listening to the word of God, think about it and then live like Mary.

In particular, our movement depends on the words of Jesus in the gospel.
Especially according to the parable of the merciful Samariter in the Luke's Gospel.

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Our movement is still very young and was founded in 1980.
Founder of the Polish-born F .Andrzej Michalek.

Brief history:

  • 1980 Foundation of the movement by F. Andrzej Michalek
  • 1982 Foundation of the brothers Samariters
  • 1985 First novitiate of the brothers in Rome
  • 1989 Canonical construction in Subiaco / Italy
  • 1992 First Eternal Vows in Macerata / Italy
  • 1993 Priestly Through the first brothers
  • 1995 Inauguration of the Fatima Center in Poland by Bishop Carboni
  • 2003 Diocesane construction in the archdiocese of Vienna
  • 2005 Inauguration of the new monastery in Klein-Mariazell by Cardinal Schönborn