HistorySamaritan movement FLIHM


Our movement is still very young and was founded in 1980.
Founder of the Polish-born F .Andrzej Michalek.

Brief history:

  • 1980 Foundation of the movement by F. Andrzej Michalek
  • 1982 Foundation of the brothers Samariters
  • 1985 First novitiate of the brothers in Rome
  • 1989 Canonical construction in Subiaco / Italy
  • 1992 First Eternal Vows in Macerata / Italy
  • 1993 Priestly Through the first brothers
  • 1995 Inauguration of the Fatima Center in Poland by Bishop Carboni
  • 2003 Diocesane construction in the archdiocese of Vienna
  • 2005 Inauguration of the new monastery in Klein-Mariazell by Cardinal Schönborn