The blessing community


What purpose does the blessing community have?

All who have joined the blessing ommunity is received every day the blessing of God. The priests of the blessing ommunity - you have the blessing power from Jesus - donate the blessing in the morning and in the evening. When the priest blesses, it's Jesus Christ himself, which blesses through the priest.

God wants to bestow on us richly through His blessing. He respects our free will. Therefore, we should ask him with childlike beliefs about it and open for his so powerful help. Every Christian has also received through baptism grace power to bless. Take advantage of this large grace source and bless your family members, friends and enemies every day.

Our motto is:

"Not giving back evil for evil, or curse for curse, but in place of cursing, blessing; because this is the purpose of God for you that you may have a heritage of blessing."
(1 Peter 3,9)

Blessing prayer to receive the blessing:
Through the priests of the blessing community bless me the Almighty God:
† The Father and † the son and † hl. Spirit. Amen

Blessing saying:
The blessing † of the father, the love † of the Son, the force † of the Holy Spirit, the maternal protection of the Queen of the Sky, the patient power of St. Joseph, the assistance of the sacred angels and the intercession of the saints be with us (you) And accompany us (you) everywhere and always! Amen

Dear friends of the blessing community!

We ask you to register only people who know about it and this want. All registered persons are entered with name and address in a confidentially guided blessing ommunity list, receive a personal confirmation with name as well as blessing formula and usually receive the newsletter of the Brothers Samariter FLIHM once a year (for Christmas). If you want people to do something pastorally good, you can also receive the blessing representative for them. Registration without knowledge and will of the relevant does not bring much in the sense of intentions of the blessing community; The members should include "deliberately and fully confidence" even in the blessing and thus also acquire some spirituality that has the blessing and blessed-are content.

Thank you for your understanding!

God's blessings!
Your team from the blessing community

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